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The vision of Human Service Resources, Inc (HSRI) is to support individuals and families in their bid to improve the quality of their lives and we empower poor children and youth through education so that they become the best in whatever they choose to do.

The mission of Human Service Resources, Inc (HSRI) is to provide world-class global support services that nurture human talent among low income and underserved children and youth populations. We do this through educational enrichment, personal and career development, violence prevention, tolerance and diversity awareness, job and entrepreneurship training, functional literacy, and promoting global literacy. We engage in sustainable job creation and entrepreneurial activities that collaboratively involve our communities, beneficiaries, and their families to ensure our growth and survival while honoring all persons on whose shoulders we stand for the delivery of our services. We believe that individuals and communities should have opportunity and stake in their self-determination. We are united in our belief that all persons are interconnected no matter their stations in life, and thus exercise our social responsibility by giving back to the communities in which we roam. We consider our donors, volunteers, and teachers to be our greatest asset and beachhead into new communities into which we tread. We have no permanent employees but volunteers and temporary hires.

HSRI's goals are exclusively educational and charitable. Our primary objectives are to:
 • Provide Capacity Building Services to Agencies Serving At-Risk Populations
• Consult/Provide Educational Enrichment & Job Literacy to Youth and Adults
• Provide Educational and Career Opportunity Referral Services to Youth
• Develop Mentoring Programs for At-Risk Youth for Violence Reduction
• Provide Consultant Services to At-Risk Early Childhood, Youth, and Families
• Provide Continuity of Service with Professionals Serving At-Risk Populations
• Solicit, Freight, Donate Books & Educational Materials to Underserved Schools and Communities in Africa
• Collaborate and Support Efforts of Organizations and Individuals That Share Our Vision

Institutions and individuals continue to share our passion for education and literacy “without barriers and without borders”. We join all the children, youth, and communities we serve in saying “Thank You”, “Ayikoo” to all individuals and organizations that share “the cause”. We salute your “generosity without borders”!

Wolanyo Kpo, PhD is the Executive Director of HSRI. Dr. Kpo graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) (MS 1985; PhD, 1987) and is a Professor of Management in the College of Business at Chicago State University. He has a passion for helping others as his way of giving back and paying it forward individually and collectively….”Sankofa”. He has a community service component integrated into his teaching model dubbed “integrated academic and service learning” since 1999 at Chicago State University. In this model, students volunteer their services to non-profit organizations in Chicago area to sensitize students to community needs, provide quality services to NFP organizations, and for students to consider NFPs as employment and career options. He has won an award for this model. Modestly, he provides leadership and recruits USA volunteers annually to work with children in Ghana.

Lynnette Elmes, MSA, DBA Accounting is the Accountant and Secretary of HSRI. She practices and also teaches Accounting at the undergraduate and graduate levels. She has a passion for early childhood education and literacy. She is a philanthropist whose spontaneous feeding episode in Ghana underscored the legal establishment of HSRI…She started it all. In addition to institutionalizing the feeding program, she also established the HSRI Merit Scholar program.

Dr. Evans Fiakpui, MD
Mr. Useni Eugene Perkins, Educator, Author & Publisher
Ms. Shirley Clark, School Teacher
Dr. Lynette Elmes, Educator, Accountant
Dr. Wolanyo Kpo, Educator
Dr. William Harris, Educator, Assessment & Test Publisher (Ex Officio)

Chicago, Illinois, USA. In addition, we providless than High School education in Ghana.