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NEED: Well-educated individuals make their society more productive. Human Service Resources, Inc. (HSRI) provides community education opportunities that give participants a chance to make a difference in their own and other people’s lives. Your contributions will support a variety of philanthropic projects and programs that improve the quality of life for children and youth in literacy and education services in Africa, including Entrepreneurship & Social Development programs.

DONATIONS: We accept cash, educational equipment & supplies, and book donations shipped to at-need schools and community libraries in Africa. We have documentary photos and videos of many of our activities in Africa. Sample photos and snippets are available on this website. We are happy to send our donors full documentary videos in Africa upon request. We are all connected! Please contribute to our ongoing education initiatives to give others a chance to realize their potential.

Here are some of our ongoing humanitarian programs:

Academic learning revolves around building and improving vital life skills. We provide literacy and capacity building support to youth and adult programs. We collaborate with volunteers, community and faith-based organizations to develop, implement, and evaluate programs in the following areas:

• Academic Tutoring
• School Bonding
• Personal Development
• Mentoring
• Career Awareness
• Violence Prevention
• Family Bonding
• Culture & Diversity Awareness
• Personal Health & Wellness
• Adult Job Literacy
• Job Readiness
• Financial Literacy

Books are the fundamental gateway to knowledge, and everyone deserves a good book. We solicit, collect, ship, and donate books and educational resources to schools, libraries, and community learning centers in Africa, in collaboration with our USA partners (e.g. Books4Cause). Please join us to provide this priceless resource to children and youth in Africa. Please make us part of your annual tax-deductible charitable giving now.



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Many institutions and individuals continue to share our passion for literacy of children, youth, adults, and underserved. We join all the children, youth, and adults in saying “Thank You” for supporting our shared cause. HSRI accepts tax deductible donations.




Dawgelene Sangster

Diamond Cluster Int.

 Computers - IBM Notepads w/o HD

Prof  Rajashree Sen

Olive Harvey College, Chicago, IL

Chemistry books 

Dr Eugenia Peterson
Ms Deloris Holman

Daley College, Chicago, IL

Math/Science/General Education

Judith Edwards

Judith Edwards, Lansing, IL

Volunteer: Pickup from donors.

Wilie Mae McDonald

Wilie Mae McDonald, Lansing, IL

Set of Encyclopedias & books

Ethel Johnson

Ethel Johnson, Chicago, IL


Patrick Keller

Patrick Keller, Chicago, IL

College Business Books

Kimberly Jones

Burrell Advertising Co., Chicago, IL

Mktg & Advertising Research

Beverly Robinson

Beverly Robinson, Chicago, IL


Ms. Laurie Rantala

Co-Op Markets; Chicago IL

Books: children, reference, fiction.

Ms. Logan

Bouchet Math & Science Academy, Chicago, IL 

Elementary School books

Ms. Wilma Johnson

Ms. Wilma Johnson, Chicago, IL

Books & Clothes

Dr. Heath (Principal)

Fernwood Elementary School, Chicago, IL 

Elementary school

Ms. Yolanda Payne
Gail Garnes

Joplin Elementary School, Chicago, IL 

Elementary books

Denise Gathings

Denise Gathings, Chicago, IL

 Cash, Book/School/Athletic supplies

Lenore Bedar (Principal)

Shoesmith Elementary School, Chicago, IL

Desks /Books/Piano

Lilian Daniel

Lilian Daniel, Chicago, IL

Set of Encyclopedia & books

Mr. Noah Cannon

Mr. Robert Kman, Prin.

Leo Catholic High School, Chicago, IL

Books, magazines /Record player

Schnea Moore

Schnea Moore, Chicago, IL

College – Books

Dr. Eddie Sanders, Jr.

Dr. Eddie Sanders, Jr, Country Club Hills, IL

Cash, Assorted Books

Pamela Cannamore

Pamela Cannamore, Forest Park, IL

Volunteer: Publicity & Pickups

Carl Kahn

Books R Us, Granger, IN

Shipping boxes

Alfred Nobel Elementary School

Alfred Nobel Elementary School, Chicago, IL

Elementary school books

Chenetra Washington

Chenetra Washington, Chicago, IL

College & youth books

Myra Cox

Harold Washington College, Chicago, IL

College books

Shirley Christell, Pres.
Karen Childs, Secretary
Debbie King, Director
Philip A. Robinson
Zeno Jacquat

Friends of Forest Park Library, Forest Park, IL




Cara Diggs, Principal

Whistler Elementary School, Chicago, IL

Truck-load of school books

Anna J. Chandler

Chenetra Washington, Dolton, IL

 Printer & IBM Laptop

Dr. Vada Southern

Antioch Faith Tabernacle Church, Harvey, IL

Sunday school books

Sylvia Gist , (Director)

College of Education, CSU

College books

Elizabeth McClendon

Elizabeth McClendon, Chicago, IL

College books

Ms. Yvonne McCann

McCann’s Daycare, Chicago, IL

Copier, Library Ceiling Lights, Toys

Ms. Tonnette Williams

Children’s Learning Center, Chicago, IL

File cabinets, Daycare baby cots

Mama Elaine Mosley

Betty Shabbaz School, Chicago, IL 60619

 Elementary school books

Ms. Beverly Roberts

Ms. Beverly Roberts, Chicago, IL

Books, stationery, personal hygiene

Yanick Gousse

Yanick Gousse, Chicago, IL

 Children’s books, stationery

Dr. Mary Branch

Dr. Mary Branch, Chicago, IL

Nursing, Sunday school books

Ryan Watkins

Ryan Watkins, Chicago, IL


Katherine Hepburn

Pearson Prentice Hall, Naperville, IL


Ruby Coats (Principal)

Hurley School, Chicago, IL

School books

Phillip Griswold

Phillip Griswold, Chicago, IL

Set of Britannica; Leisure readings

Ed Dixon

Ed Dixon, Chicago, IL


Dr. Sean Egan, Principal

Kinzie School, Chicago, IL

School furniture - desks/chairs

Elizabeth Frye

Wrightwood School, Chicago, IL


Ms. Beverly Roberts
Debrah Knox, Principal

Neil Elem. School, Chicago, IL



Patricia  Owens, Asst. P
Gipson Tyson-Oneal 

Lindbloom Academy, Chicago, IL



Rosalind Fyre

Rosalind Fyre, Chicago, IL


Tom Magill

Tom Magill, River Forest, IL

 Books, schoolbags, electronics

Ken Calvin

Ken Calvin, Chicago, IL


Alice Moore

Alice Moore, Chicago, IL

Stationery, books

Ms. Johnson

Bowen High School, Chicago, IL

Microscopes, Books, Lab Scales

Prof Stephanie Bibbs

Chicago State University, Chicago, IL

Marketing books

Paula Nessel

Riverside, IL

Books, Music, vocational tools


Books4Cause, Skokie, IL

Cash, Warehousing, Pickups

Mohamed Gandhi

Gandhi Shipping Co. Chicago, IL

Shipping Agent

Mr. Glen

Mr. Glen, Chicago, IL

Moving/Trucking Company


We have a dedicated community learning center (CLC) in Tsrukpe, Ghana. Named for the philanthropist, educator, and illustrious native son, the Dr. Evans Fiakpui CLC is a multi-function center for promoting teaching and learning in functional, technological, health, and global literacy. The CLC consists of the following functional sections, with the rooms to be named in honor of significant donors:
• Reference Library - Literacy Resources for Preschool through Tertiary Education, and Leisure
• Technology Room - Exposure and Access to Computers and Basic Technologies
• Children’s Room - Intergenerational Developmental Resources for Preschool through Early Grades
• Quiet Room – Reading, “Meditation,” and “Reflection” for CLC Visitors
• Conference Room - Small Group Meetings, Community Workshops, and Civic Education

The key to a productive society is a well-fed population, particularly children and youth. We have provided meals for over 400 school children each year on January 1 since 2003.

Annual Feeding Program (January 1, 2015) Ghana


We recognize and reward academic excellence of children and youth in basic schools. Our flagship program, The Honor Roll which is dubbed Merit Scholars recognizes and awards the top three students in each grade, from Kindergarten through Junior High School. These are our “Leaders of Tomorrow”. Awardees are recognized with the following designations:
 * Stars – Maintain Merit Scholar standing for 2 consecutive years/grades.
 **Superstars – Maintain Merit Scholar standing for at least 3+ consecutive years/grades.







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Two Teachers (one female and one male) and two community adults (one female and one male) are recognized annually through financial awards for their support of literacy and education in the village community. The awards recognize these adults for promoting/facilitating learning and teaching in K through Junior High School level.